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Site Accommodation

Our temporary site units provide the flexibility, comfort and security to meet all our customers’ needs. We supply high quality, durable, site accommodation units across Australia including cyclonic regions.

These robust, multi-purpose units can satisfy every application.

Products and Services

  • Lunch Rooms & Site Offices


    Cyclonic, non-cyclonic, various sizes, furniture, appliances, air conditioners, lock-boxes, security grills.

  • First Aid Huts


    Cyclonic, non-cyclonic, furniture, special fit out, air conditioners, lock-boxes, security grills.

  • Ablution Blocks


    Cyclonic, non-cyclonic, 1 to 6 pan, male, female, split options, waste tanks, water tanks.

  • Shower Blocks


    Various combinations, male, female, split options, water tanks.

  • Accommodation & Change Rooms


    Cyclonic, non-cyclonic, 4 person units, furniture, appliances, individual en-suites, privacy.

  • Temporary Fencing


    Quick, secure, cyclonic rated, various accessories.

  • Storage Containers


    Sea containers, cement sheds, site lockers, shelving.

  • Toilets


    Single pan, self-contained, sewer or chemical connect, waste pumping.

  • and Much More


    Generators. cyclonic counter weights, tie downs, appliances, furniture, access stairs, waste tanks, water tanks.

Why Choose GCS?

Design, Engineering and Estimating

GCS offers customers specific design and engineering services for site accommodation. We can provide in-house design schemes specific for each project including engineering for final certification and approval, where required. Our AutoCAD drawing design package is able to produce fully detailed drawings in colour, allowing the client to see exactly what they require for their project.

GCS maintains an up-to-date library of Australian Standards required for site accommodation. This ensures that the information provided to our clients is always compliant and accurate.

Our team of estimators are able to satisfy all of your pricing requirements, from fixed lump sum, tenders, budget estimates, or schedules of rates.

Safety Initiatives and Experience

Throughout our integrated management system, we have implemented a number of initiatives to ensure the ongoing safety of our employees, sub-contractors and clients.

All employees are assessed on their competency, experience and capability to ensure our people are qualified to carry out the tasks required, whilst maintaining a safe working environment for all parties.

Maintenance and Workshop

All equipment is fully maintained and serviced in accordance with our strict guidelines, the manufacturer’s recommendations, and in compliance with the relevant industry standard. All GCS locations have servicing/maintenance facilities to accommodate the local requirements of our customers. GCS guarantees clients quality and reliability of equipment, backed by a strict maintenance policy and quality management systems.

Quality and Reliability of Equipment

GCS guarantees clients quality and reliability of equipment, backed by a strict maintenance policy. Our ability to deliver quality equipment with our personalised service ensures we meet our customers ever changing needs and sets us apart from our competitors.

Security and Comfort

GCS offers a high level of security within a comfortable environment without sacrificing the standard of protection against theft and vandalism. Our robust, high quality, multi-purpose units can meet every application.

GCS Offers

Custom manufacture or fit-out

Need something outside of the ordinary? GCS can provide you with a number of solutions in addition to our standard fleet rentals.

Flexible hire

Daily, weekly, monthly – we are happy to discuss your needs be it either a short term or long term requirement.

Competitive rates

Our rates are designed to meet your budget.

Experienced team

GCS has experienced industry professionals who can offer knowledgeable advice about the equipment we supply.

On-site delivery

Wherever you are in WA, we can arrange timely delivery and pick-up.

Personalised service

Our personalised service sets us apart from our competitors and enables us to keep up with your changing needs.


Can we help with your next project?

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