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On-site Workforce

We supply and manage a national workforce for projects across Australia, giving our clients the capability and flexibility for rapid expansion when required. Above all, we assist in increasing the productivity and business performance of the companies we work with.

GCS is actively involved in the industry and we understand your requirements for a wide range of projects from the ground up. Our workforce is assessed on their competency, experience, and capability to supply services, ensuring our people are not just qualified, but excel in the roles required. Our professional team can find the right personnel for your project.

Products and Services

  • Labourers


    Riggers, dogmen, crane operatives, forklift operatives, traffic control, trade assistants, cleaners.

  • Tradespeople


    Electricians, carpenters, curtain wall teams, shop front fixing teams, glazing teams, welders, boilermakers.

  • Professionals


    HSE Staff, site nurse, safety representatives, project managers.

Why Choose GCS?

Extensive Resource Base

GCS has a pool of hundreds of experienced workers around Australia. Our high retention rate and local team structures mean we know our workers and their level of proficiency, enabling us to match their skills to your needs more accurately. Matching this with the Group’s entire fleet of equipment, means GCS is your best choice for packaged construction and maintenance solutions.


National Presence

Our national presence allows us to provide multi-disciplined teams to all industries anywhere across Australia. GCS’s success lies in its ability to respond quickly and enter new markets wherever the demand may rise. Having established strategic bases in key locations across Australia, GCS is able to service its clientele both onshore and offshore. We are committed to helping our clients complete large and small scale projects by delivering practical and result-driven services.

Experienced Multi-disciplined Team

GCS has experienced industry professionals who are multi-disciplined and can offer innovative construction and maintenance solutions. By working in partnership with our clients, we analyse the project and allocate the best-fit multi-skilled team members to ensure cost and efficiency savings without compromising on quality and safety.

Safety Initiatives & Management

Throughout our integrated management system, we have implemented a number of initiatives to ensure the ongoing safety of our employees, sub-contractors and clients. By managing a wide range of essential on-site services, GCS provides a more co-ordinated approach to safety.

Quality and Reliable Personnel

All employees are assessed on their competency, experience and capability to ensure they are qualified to carry out the tasks required, whilst maintaining a safe working environment for all parties.

GCS Offers

Flexible options and competitive rates

Contracting, sub-contracting, full time or casual labour hire, we are happy to discuss your needs over short or long term contracts. Our rates are designed to meet your budget requirements.

Rapid mobilisation

GCS’s on-site workforce has the ability to respond quickly and mobilise wherever the demand may rise. With strategic bases across Australia, GCS is able to fully service its clients with our onshore and offshore capabilities.

Personalised service

Our personalised service sets us apart from our competitors and enables us to keep up with your changing needs.

Can we help with your next project?

Give us a call or shoot us an email and tell us where we can help.